Daily Reflections on the Eucharist - Day 41

It is by the Eucharist that the Church is strong and fruitful, that her countless children are spread all over the world, and daily do her missionaries bring new ones into her fold.

She is to be the Mother of the human race. But whence comes her fruitfulness? Is it from Baptism? from Penance? These Sacraments, no doubt, give life or restore it. But what is to become of her children after their birth in the waters of divine regeneration? They must be nourished and raised. They have in them the germ of God, which must be developed and increased. Now, it is by the Eucharist that the Church forms Jesus Christ in her children. The Eucharist is the living bread with which she sustains their supernatural life. It is by the Eucharist that she carries on their education, for there alone do souls find an abundance of light and life, the force of all virtues. Hagar in the wilderness wept at not being able to refresh and nourish her son, who was dying of starvation. The Synagogue, the Protestant sects, are prefigured by this mother, powerless to satisfy the wants of her child. Their children ask for bread, but no one gives it to them. The Church, on the contrary, receives every morning the Bread of Heaven for each of her children. There is enough for all. And It is the Bread of Angels, the Bread of Kings — therefore are her children as beautiful as the Bread that nourishes them. They are strong, their hunger appeased with the Wheat of the Elect. They have the right to sit daily at the Royal Feast. The tables of the Church are always spread, and she invites, she conjures her children to come and draw from them the strength of life.

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