The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the most sublime of all prayers.

Jesus Christ offers Himself in it to His Father, adoring Him, thanking Him, making reparation to Him, and petitioning Him in behalf of His Church, of men, His brethren, and of poor sinners.
This noble prayer Jesus incessantly continues by His state of Victim in the Eucharist.
Let us unite with the prayer of Our Lord. Let us, like Him, pray for the four ends of the Sacrifice, for in it all religion is summed up, the acts of all virtues comprised.

The act of Eucharistic adoration has for divine object the infinite excellence of Jesus Christ, worthy in itself of all honor and glory. Unite your praises to those of the celestial court when prostrate before the throne of the Lamb, they cry out in admiration to Him that sitteth on the throne, and to the Lamb that was slain,
benediction and honor and glory and power and divinity forever and ever!

Uniting with the four and twenty ancients casting their crowns in homage before the throne of the Lamb, lay at the foot of the Eucharistic throne the homage of your whole being, of your faculties, and of all your actions, saying to Him: To Thee alone be love and glory!  

Contemplate the greatness of the love of Jesus, instituting, multiplying, perpetuating the Divine Eucharist even to the end of the world. Admire His wisdom in this Divine Invention, which exacts the wonder of the angels themselves. Praise His power, which has triumphed over all obstacles. Exalt His goodness, which has regulated all gifts. Break out into transports of joy and love at seeing that you yourself are the object of the greatest, as well as the holiest, of the Sacraments; for Jesus Christ would have done for you alone what He did for all.
O what love! In your inability to adore Jesus Christ as He deserves, invokes the assistance of your good angel, that faithful companion of your life. He will be so happy to do with you here below what He is to continue eternally with you in glory. Adore in union with Holy Church the God whom she confides to you, that you may represent her at His feet. Unite with the adoration of all the saints on earth, of the angels and the blessed in heaven. But, above all, unite with the adoration of Mary and Joseph when sole possessors of the hidden God,
they alone formed His court and His family.

Adore Jesus in union with Jesus Himself. That is the most perfect adoration. He is God and man, your Saviour and your Brother, all in one. Adore the Heavenly Father through His Son, the object of all His complacency, and then your adoration will be of the same value as that of Jesus, for it will be His own.

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