Daily Reflections on the Eucharist - Day 39

One reason for the institution of the Eucharist is the love of Jesus Christ for His Church.

Our Lord came down from heaven to form His Church, to establish it, to die for it on the Cross. The Church came forth from His opened side with the blood and the water, the new Eve formed from the body of the second Adam. All the actions and sufferings of Jesus Christ had for their end to acquire an infinite treasure of graces and merits for the Church, of which she could dispose in favor of His children. She is the heiress of all these treasures. But had Jesus ascended to heaven after His Resurrection, satisfied with merely leaving His Church the depositary of His truth and His grace, she would have remained here below a spouse in mourning, bewailing the absence of her Divine Spouse. But that could not be. It would not have been worthy of the Saviour’s power and love. Jesus will remain with the Church, to be her life, her strength, and her glory.

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