Daily Reflections on the Eucharist - Day 38

Oh, marvel of the Eucharist! Jesus renders to His Father by His sacramental state, new homage such as He had never received from any creature.

This homage is greater, so to speak than aught else that the Word Incarnate could do on earth. What, then, is the nature of this extraordinary homage? It is the homage of the King of Glory perfected in the power and majesty of heaven, who comes into His Sacrament to immolate to His Father not only His divine glory as in the Incarnation but even His human glory, the glorious qualities of His resuscitated Humanity! Unable in heaven to honor His Father by the sacrifice of His glory, Jesus Christ comes back to earth, becomes again incarnate on the altar, and the Heavenly Father can contemplate Him again poor as in Bethlehem, although He still remains the King of heaven and earth. The Father sees Him humble and obedient as at Nazareth, submissive not only to the ignominy of the Cross but even to sacrilegious Communion, submissive to His enemies and profaners. Meek Lamb that never complains! Tender Victim that knows not how to murmur! Good Saviour who never avenges Himself!

But why? Why all this? To glorify God His Father by the mystical continuing of all the virtues, by the perpetual sacrifice of His liberty, His power and glory, bound by His love in the Sacrament even till the last hour of the world. Jesus Christ here below, counterbalancing the pride of man by His humiliations, and rendering to His Father infinite glory — what a spectacle for the Heart of God! What a reason for the existence of the Eucharistic Presence, most worthy of the love of Jesus Christ for His Divine Father!

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