Our Lord does not will to remain on this earth only by His grace, His truth, His word.

He is here in Person. We possess the same Lord Jesus who lived in Judea, although under another form of life. He has taken a sacramental vestment, but He is always Jesus, the Son of God and the Son of Mary. The glory of His Father, which above all else our Lord sought upon earth, still forms the object of His desires in the Sacrament. We may say that Jesus Christ clothed Himself with the sacramental state in order to continue honoring and glorifying His Father. His Incarnation, the Divine Word repaired, restored the glory of the Creator, sullied in creation by the fall of man and by pride. For this work, the Word humbled Himself so far as to unite Himself to our human nature. He descended into the bosom of Mary, He annihilated Himself, He appeared among men clothed in the form of a slave. After having paid man’s ransom, rendered to God infinite glory by the actions of His life, purified the earth by His presence. He ascended gloriously to Heaven. His work was done. The triumphant Ascension of the Saviour — Oh what a beautiful day for heaven! But sad was that day for the earth, which saw its King, its Redeemer depart from it. Might it not fear to become for heaven a land of mere memory, of forgetfulness, perhaps, of wrath and storms? Jesus had, indeed, left His Church to men. His good and holy Apostles. But they are not the good Master! There would be many a spirit who would imitate Jesus their Model, but after all, they would be men like others, weak and imperfect, capable while here below of falling deeply! If, then, the reparation wrought by Jesus Christ, the glory acquired for His Father by His labors and sufferings, are left in the hands of men, is it not to be feared that they be imperiled? Are not the work of Redemption and the glorification of God too greatly exposed by I leaving them to the care of men, so imperfect, so inconstant? No! A kingdom conquered at the cost of unprecedented sacrifices, at the cost of the Incarnation and Death of a God, ought not to be thus abandoned! The Divine Law of love must not be thus exposed.

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