Love desires a community of goods, common possession.

It wishes to share happiness and unhappiness. To give is its nature, its instinct, to give all with joy, with pleasure. And so, Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament gives with profusion, with prodigality, His merits, His graces, yes, even His glory! O how eager He is to give! He never refuses. And He gives Himself to all and always. He covers the world with consecrated Hosts. He wishes all His children to possess Him. There still remain twelve baskets of the five loaves multiplied in the desert. All must have some!

Jesus Christ would wish to envelop the world in His sacramental veil, to fertilize all nations in the waters of life that are losing themselves in the ocean of eternity, but only after having slaked the thirst, and strengthened the last of the elect. Ah! it is well for us, for all of us, O Jesus in the Eucharist!

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