Lastly, Our Lord wishes to remain with us, and He testifies to us so much love in the Eucharist because His Divine Father loves us infinitely.

He has need of making to His Father some return for us. Sometimes we feel a sudden affection for a person whom we have never seen, whom we do not know. Again, a thought, a circumstance, a remembrance, recalls to us a cherished friend; and we feel a certain sympathy for him who reminds us of the lost one. We feel impelled, also, to love the friend of our friend, even without knowing him, and merely because he is dear to our friend. But little is necessary for that. Your heart, cherishing your friend, instinctively loves all that interests him. It is the same with Jesus. The Father loves us, and Our Lord, who loves His Father, will love us on account of Him independently of every other reason. It is a necessity for the Son of God. He cannot forget those that His Father loves.

Let us now, taking the other side, say to Our Lord: Oh I do, indeed, thank Thee for having instituted the Eucharist for my good! But, sweet Saviour, it is to me that Thou dost owe the power of being able to institute It. I am the cause of It. If thou dost rejoice in the title of Saviour, of Brother, it is to me that Thou dost owe these titles. If Thou canst still do good, if Thou canst still save. Thou owest it to me. It is to us that Thou owest Thy beautiful title of Brother. Our Lord, moreover, is begging for adorers. His grace is come to seek us. Then, Our Lord wants us. He has need of us! For Exposition, adorers are needed, otherwise, He cannot come forth from His tabernacle. At Mass, a server, at least, is necessary, and he represents the people, the Faithful. We give to Our Lord the conditions of His royalty. Weigh well this thought. It will elevate you, ennoble you. It will give you immense desires to love, and remind you that noble obligation. Say often to Our Lord with holy liberty, "Yes, Good Master, Thou dost owe us something, too!"

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