Our Lord wishes to remain with us because He is Our Saviour.

He wishes to be with us not only to apply to us the merits of the Redemption, for He has many other means for that, such as prayer, the Sacraments, etc.  But He wishes it, in order to enjoy His victory and His title of Saviour. A child saved by its mother from a great danger is doubly loved. Our Lord, to whom we have cost so much, had need of loving us with tender love, in order to console Himself for the sufferings of Calvary. He has done much for us!

He loves us in proportion to the price that He has paid for us. And we have been bought at an infinite price. No one abandons them whom he has saved. He has exposed his life for them, and he loves them as his life. In that love he tastes inexpressible happiness. Certainly, Our Lord has the Heart of a mother! He would rather forsake the angels than abandon us. Our Lord has need of seeing us again. Two friends on the battlefield, meeting after long years, know not how to express their joy. We make a long journey to visit a friend, especially a friend of our early years; and does not Our Lord possess all those good and noble sentiments? Why should He not? Our Lord still retains His Wounds in the Eucharist. He keeps them, for they are His glory and His consolation. They repeat to Him all the love that He has felt for us. And what pleasure it gives Him when we come to thank Him for His benefits, for His sufferings! One great reason for His instituting the Eucharist is that we may come to console Him in His sorrows, His poverty. He begs compassion and a return for so much love. Yes, Our Lord ought to be with those that He loves; and it is we whom He loves, because it is we whom He has saved.

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