The Eucharist is somewhat of a superabundant work of the Redemption.

It was not demanded of Jesus Christ by the justice of His Father. The Passion, Calvary, sufficed to reconcile us with God and to reopen for us the doors of the paternal home. Why did Our Lord institute the Eucharist? He instituted It for Himself, for His own satisfaction, for the contentment of His own Heart. Understood this way, the Holy Eucharist becomes the most divine, the most tender, the most loving of all God's gifts. Its nature, Its character, become then unmixed goodness and tenderness.

Even if we should not profit by It, Our Lord had need of instituting the Eucharist, and this for three reasons: First, because He is our Brother. Our Lord wished to gratify His fraternal affection for us. No tenderness is more lively, no love more expansive than fraternal love. Friendship calls for equality, and that is found only between brothers. Now, the fraternal love of Jesus is above all that we can conceive. The Scripture says that the soul of Jonathan was knit to that of David and that the two made but one. But whatever be the union of two men, there still remains in them a principle of self, of egoism, namely, pride. In Our Lord there is nothing of the kind; He loves us absolutely, without return on self. Whether we do, or do not, respond to His love, it matters not. He pursues us with the more ardor. A brother loves to see his brother, to dwell with him. Away from David, Jonathan languished. And Our Lord suffered in having to leave us. He wished to be with us, to say to us: Ye are My brethren! O loving word! None other of Jesus’ qualities admits of friendship. Everywhere else He is the Benefactor, the Saviour. His sweet and amiable familiarity is found nowhere else. The Eucharist equalizes all men. Outside of the temple, there are dignitaries; at the Table of Jesus, our Eldest Brother, we are all brethren. Ah, how much to be regretted that, when we communicate, we think only upon the majesty, the sanctity of Our Lord! In other mysteries, those thoughts are good; but let us approach the Eucharist to find therein tenderness and love.

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