Why did Our Lord wish to establish so close a relation between the Sacrament of the Eucharist and His death?

First, in order to recall to us what His Sacrament cost Him. The Eucharist is, indeed, the fruit of Jesus’ death. The Eucharist is a testament, a legacy, which can go into effect only by the death of the One Who made the testament. To legalize His testament, Jesus had to die. Whenever, then, we are before the Holy Eucharist, we ought to say: This precious Legacy cost Jesus Christ His life. And that shows us His immense love, for He has Himself declared that there is no greater proof of love than to give one’s life for one’s friends.

Jesus dying in order to leave me, in order to win for me, the Eucharist — behold the supreme mark of His love! How many think on this price of the Eucharist? and yet Jesus is there in order to tell it to us. But like unnatural children, we care only to use and to enjoy our riches, without thinking of Him who acquired them for us at the cost of His life.

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