In this way, and in so far as He can in His resuscitated state, Jesus in the Eucharist immolates His natural life.

In His Passion, He spared not His divine life; nor does He spare it in the Eucharist.  His glory, majesty, and power are not seen in the Host. He is only the Man of Sorrows, the accursed of God and men. Isaias could not recognize Him under the spittle and the bruises that sullied His august countenance! Jesus in His Passion allowed only His love to appear. Woe to them who will not recognize it. Only a thief, a robber, adored His Divinity and proclaimed His innocence; only nature deplored its Creator. In the Blessed Sacrament, Jesus with still more love continues this immolation of His attributes.

Of all the power of Jesus Christ, of all His glory, we behold only patience so great that it would almost scandalize if we did not know that His love for us is infinite, that it is even foolishness! "Lord, Thou art beside Thyself." Our sweet Saviour seems to say to us, "Ah, well! Have I not done enough for you? Do I not deserve your love ? What can I do more? Try to think of some sacrifice that I may still make!" Oh, woe to those that despise so much love! Let them understand that hell is not too much for them... But let us abandon this thought... The Eucharist is the supreme proof of Jesus’ love for us because It is the supreme sacrifice.

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