Jesus Christ in His Passion adds to this sacrifice of His rights the immolation of all that constitutes man.

He immolates His will, the beatitude of His soul, which He allows to be invaded by mortal sadness; He immolates His life upon the Cross. That immolation made once was too little for His love. He continues that natural death in the Eucharist. To immolate His will, He, the Almighty God, obeys His creature; He, the King, His subjects; He, the Liberator, His slave! He obeys priests and laymen, the just and sinners. He obeys without resistance. He does not have to be forced. He is obedient even to His enemies. With the same eagerness, He fulfills the desires of all. Not only at the Holy Mass, when the priest pronounces the words of Consecration, is He obedient, but at every moment of the day and night, according to the needs of the Faithful. His constant attitude is that of pure and simple obedience.

Can this be possible? O if man comprehended the love of the Eucharist! Jesus was bound during His Passion. He lost His liberty. Here in the Eucharist, He binds Himself. He is bound by the perpetual and absolute bonds of His own promises. He is chained under the Sacred Species to which He is inseparably united by the sacramental words. In the Eucharist, He is without self-movement, without action, as on the Cross, as in the tomb, although He possesses in Himself the plenitude of resuscitated life. As the Prisoner of Love, He is absolutely dependent on man. It is impossible for Him to break His chains, to quit His Eucharistic prison. He is our Prisoner even till the end of time! He has bound Himself to that! The contract of love reaches thus far! As to the beatitude of His soul, Jesus can no longer, as at Gethsemani, suspend its raptures and its joys, for He is glorious and resuscitated. But He loses it in man, in the Christian, in His unworthy member. O how often does Jesus behold ingratitude, outrage comes to attack Him! How often do Christians imitate the Jews! Jesus wept once over guilty Jerusalem. But He loves us much more. Our sins, our loss afflict Him much more than does the loss of the Jews. How many tears would Jesus shed in the Blessed Sacrament could He weep.

Lastly, in the Host, Jesus, unable to die again in reality, embraces at least the state of apparent death. The Sacred Species are consecrated separately in order to recall the loss of His Blood which, flowing from His Body, occasioned His sorrowful death. He gives Himself in Communion. The Species are consumed, annihilated in us! Lastly, Jesus exposes Himself to lose even the sacramental life by the profanation of the impious, who destroy the Sacred Species. Sinners who receive Him unworthily crucify Him in their soul and unite Him to the demon, who is their own sovereign master! "Crucifying again to themselves the Son of God."

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