In the desert, Jesus took five loaves. He blessed them, and the Apostles found wherewith to feed five thousand men.

This is a feeble figure of that other miracle of the Eucharist, the miracle of multiplication. Jesus loves all men. He wishes to give Himself entirely and personally to everyone. Everyone shall have his share in the Manna of Life. He must then, multiply Himself as many times as there are communicants to receive Him, and as often as they desire to receive Him. The Eucharistic Table should in some manner cover the whole world. And that, indeed, takes place by His power. All receive Him entire with all that He is. Every consecrated Host contains Him. Divide the Sacred Host into as many parts as you will, Jesus is whole and entire under each of those parts. Instead of dividing Him, the breaking of the Host multiplies Him. Who could say the number of Hosts which Jesus, since the Last Supper, has placed at the disposition of His children!

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