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Would you be happy in love? Live, then, continually in the goodness of Jesus Christ, ever fresh for you.

Contemplate in Jesus the labor of His love for you, the beauty of His virtues, and the light of His love rather than its ardor. In us the fire of love passes quickly, but His truth remaineth forever. Begin all your hours of adoration with an act of love, and you will thus delightfully open your soul to His divine action. It is because you begin by self that you pause in the way; or if you begin through any virtue other than love, you wander from the true path.

Does not the child embrace the mother before obeying her? Love is the only portal to the heart. Do you wish to be high, elevated in love? Speak to Love of Himself. Speak to Jesus of His Heavenly Father whom He loves so much. Speak to Him of the labors that He undertook for His glory, and you will rejoice His Heart. He will love you more. Speak to Jesus of His love for all men. That will dilate both His Heart and your own with joy and happiness. Speak to Jesus of His holy Mother whom He loves so much, and you will renew for Him the happiness of a good Son. Speak to Him of His saints, in order to glorify His grace in them.

The true secret of love is, like St. John the Baptist, to forget self, in order to exalt and glorify the Lord Jesus. True love looks not at what it gives, but only at what the Beloved receives. Then Jesus, pleased with you, will speak to you of yourself. He will tell you of His love for you, and your heart will open to the rays of that Sun like the flower, bathed and refreshed by the dews of night, under the beams of the radiant orb of day. His sweet voice will penetrate your soul like fire consuming the substance that offers no resistance. Like the Spouse in the Canticles, you will exclaim  "My soul melted with joy at the voice of my Beloved."

You will hear Him in silence, or rather in the sweetest and the most powerful act of love. You will become one with Him. What, most unfortunately, checks the growth of grace and love in our soul, is that, hardly have we reached the feet of our good Master, before we begin to speak to Him of ourselves, our sins, our defects, our spiritual poverty. In doing so, we tire the mind by the sight of our misery, our heart grows sad under the thought of our ingratitude and infidelity. Sadness gives rise to pain, pain to discouragement, and it is only by humility, suffering, and trial, that we can escape from that labyrinth into the freedom of God. 

Ah! let us do so no more! As the first movement of the soul ordinarily determines every action, direct that first movement to God, and say to Him "O my good Jesus, how glad I am to come to see Thee! What satisfaction I find in spending this hour with Thee, and in telling Thee my love! How good of Thee to call me! How sweet of Thee to love so poor a creature as I! Oh yes! I, too, want to love Thee!" Love then opens to you the door to the Heart of Jesus. Enter therein, love, and adore.

-St. Peter Julian Eymard

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