Let us, then, believe in the Eucharist!

"I believe, Lord," we must often say,  "help me in my weak faith!" Nothing is more glorious for Our Lord than this act of faith in His Eucharistic Presence. It supremely honors His divine veracity. The greatest honor paid to anyone is to believe his word; while, on the contrary, the greatest injury that one can offer another is to suspect him of falsehood, to doubt his word, to demand proofs of him, to ask for guarantees. If a child believes a father on his word, a servant his master, a subject his king, why not believe the word of Jesus Christ solemnly assuring us that He is present in the Most Blessed Sacrament? This act of simple and absolute faith still gives glory to Jesus Christ, because it recognizes and adores Him in His veiled state. The honor that we render to a friend in disguise, to a king simply clothed, is greater than any other.

It is the person that we truly honor then, and not the garb, the robes of state. Thus it is with Jesus Christ in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. To honor Him therein, to believe Him God in spite of the appearance of weakness that conceals Him, is to honor His Divine Person, to respect the Mystery in which He envelops Himself. This method of acting is more meritorious for us. Like Peter confessing the Divinity of the Son of Man, like the Good Thief proclaiming the innocence of the Crucified, it is to affirm of Jesus Christ what He is, despite what He appears to be. Still more, it is to believe the contrary of what our senses tell us, supporting our faith upon the certitude of His infallible word alone. Let us believe, let us believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist! Jesus Christ is there! — May respect fill our soul on our entrance into the church, the respect of faith and of love on meeting Jesus Christ in Person, for it is He, indeed, whom we meet. Let this be our apostolate, our preaching! It is the most eloquent for the incredulous and the impious.

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