Faith in the Eucharist is a treasure which must be sought by submission, guarded by piety, and defended by every sacrifice.

To be lacking in faith in the Blessed Sacrament is the greatest misfortune. Is it possible to lose all faith in the Blessed Sacrament after one has once believed and received Holy Communion? No, I think not! A child may despise its father, and insult its mother, but not to recognize them would be impossible! In the same way, a Christian may deny that he has ever communicated, but he cannot forget that he once had that happiness! Incredulity toward the Holy Eucharist never springs from the evidence of reasons contrary to this Mystery. Here is a man who is perfectly indifferent, buried in his temporal affairs. He seems to have forgotten all else. But let grace touch him, the simple grace of return, and his first impulse will instinctively carry him to the Holy Eucharist.

Incredulity may come from the passions that dominate the heart. Any passion that seeks to remain supreme is cruel. When gratified, it despises; when attacked, it denies. Inquire: How long is it since you ceased to believe in the Eucharist ? And going back to the source of incredulity, we find some weakness, some allurement, which the poor victim had not the courage to resist. Again, incredulity may arise from faith long weak or doubting. Some are scandalized at seeing so many indifferent Christians, so many practical unbelievers. They are scandalized at hearing the crafty arguments, the sophisms of false science. Why does Our Lord not punish that? Why does He allow Himself to be insulted if He is there? Many unbelievers are, nevertheless, honest! Behold the doubting faith which leads to disbelief in the Eucharist. O infinite misfortune! Like the people of Capharnaum, they remove from Him who has the words of truth and life! O what consequences does he expose himself who believes not in the Eucharist and denies the power of God? What! God under this abject appearance? It is impossible! Who can believe it? He accuses Jesus Christ of falsehood, for the Saviour has said, "This is my Body, this is My Blood." Like the disciples who, hearing the Eucharistic promise, went away and walked no longer with their Divine Master, he despises His goodness. Again, his faith in the other mysteries will soon be shaken and finally lost. If he does not believe this ever-living Mystery, which is promised by an ever-present fact, what mystery will he believe? His virtue will soon grow sterile. It loses its natural nourishment, it breaks friendship with Jesus Christ, from whom it draws all its vigor; it no longer looks upon, it forgets its ever-present Model. Piety is soon dried up. It no longer has the centre of life and affection. Then no more consolation in the reverses of life. When its sorrows become too heavy, then comes despair! A grief that cannot be poured into the heart of a friend stifles us.

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