The Public Manifestation

We have seen sinners, profaners of the august Sacrament, publicly punished for their audacity. Jesus manifested His justice. Hardly had Judas sacrilegiously received the Body of his God, when Satan entered into him. Before his sacrilegious Communion, the demon only tempted him; after it, he took possession of him. St. Paul found, in the tepid or sacrilegious Communions of the Corinthians, the reason for their indifference, their lethargic slumber in regard to good. History records many terrible examples of unworthy communicants, suddenly struck by the justice of Our Lord whom they outraged in the Eucharist. In the Holy Eucharist, Jesus still manifests His power over demons. When in exorcisms, in order to conquer the demons that have resisted all other means, the Sacred Host has been presented to them, they have uttered cries of rage and succumbed to their God present. At Milan, St. Bernard laid, after the Pater of the Mass, the chalice and the paten upon the head of one possessed. The demon went out of him furious, uttering these awful words: Jesus Christ, the good God, is there!

The sick are cured by the Eucharist. Many facts of this kind are never made known; but Jesus, as history attests, still continues in the Eucharist to cure all diseases. St. Gregory of Nazianzen relates the following touching fact: His sister, sick for a long time, arose one night, and went before the tabernacle. In the fervor of her faith, she thus addressed Our Lord, "I shall not leave this spot, O Lord, until Thou hast cured me I." And she arose cured!

Lastly, the apparitions of our Lord under diverse forms in the Eucharist, testify to His Sacramental Presence. From time to time, He is pleased to renew the miracle of Thabor. Such manifestations are not necessary, since we have the word of Truth itself. They merely bear witness to the fact, that the word of Jesus Christ has, indeed, fulfilled what it promised. Yes, Lord Jesus Christ, we believe that Thou art present in the Most Blessed Sacrament, truly and substantially present. We beg you, increase our faith!

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