Admire the inventions of Our Lord’s love. It is His love alone that has invented this work of love. Who Other than Jesus could have foreseen It, would even have dared to think of it? — Not even an angel! Our Lord alone could have thought of It. Ye have need of bread? I shall be your Bread And He died content, leaving us Bread, and such Bread!

Like the father of a family who has labored all his life for but one end, to leave bread to his children when dying. What more could Our Lord give us? In this testament of His love. Our Lord has comprised everything — all His graces, and even His glory itself. We may say to the Heavenly Father, "Give me the graces of which I have need, and I shall pay Thee with Jesus in the Eucharist, who belongs to me. He is mine. I can trade with Him, and all Thy graces, even Thy glory, O holy Father, are less than this divine Price."

When we have sinned, we have a victim to offer for our transgressions. We can say, "Father, I offer Jesus to Thee! Thou wilt pardon me for Jesus’ sake, for surely He has suffered enough. He has made sufficient reparation." Whatever grace God may grant us. He is always with us. Jesus Christ, our Treasure, is worth more than all graces put together, yes, more than heaven itself! The Saracens, when keeping St. Louis prisoner, held all France for his ransom. Possessing Jesus Christ, we already possess the kingdom of heaven. Let us, then, profit by this thought, let us make Jesus Christ bear fruit. Most men bury Him in their soul or leave Him there making no use of Him to gain heaven for themselves and kingdoms for God. There are numbers of such communicants. Let us make use of Jesus Christ to pray and to repair. Let us pay with Jesus, for He is a superabundant Price.

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