Baptism of Christ

The annihilation of Jesus eclipses all that is glorious in Him.

If He should permit His glory to appear. He would no longer be our Model of annihilation, and we might, also, have to seek for the glory and the majesty of the virtues. But have you seen Jesus glory in the Blessed Sacrament? No, for It is truly a veiled Sun. He has sometimes performed miracles in It; but they are rare, and they recall and lead to a better understanding of His Eucharistic annihilation. Jesus wills to I be entirely hidden. He is greater in working no miracles than in performing them. It is His love, then, that binds His hands, for if we beheld His glory, He could no longer say to us, "Look upon Me! See how meek and humble of Heart I am!" No, He would frighten us. In the Blessed Sacrament, He eclipses His Divinity much more than during His mortal life, for then there was always seen something divine in His countenance, in His bearing. And so, before mocking Him, the pretorians blindfolded His eyes, those eyes so beautiful! But here in the Host, we see nothing, nothing! Sometimes our imagination tries to paint His features as they are in the Host, but it cannot produce the reality. If we only could see Him some one day in the year, or once in our life! No, He has hidden His glory behind an impenetrable cloud. This annihilation Jesus Christ practices in His glorified state, in a positive, and not merely a negative, manner. He humbles himself negatively who, being a sinner, unworthy of God’s favors, recognizes his misery and nothingness. It is easy for him to acknowledge that he has nothing good, since he produces only fruits of evil. But positive humility is practised in good, in the face of merited praise, in the glory that it offers to God, a glory of which it voluntarily deprives itself as a homage to Him. This is the lesson that Jesus teaches us by His Eucharistic annihilation. Humble yourself in your virtues.

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