There, then, in the Sacrament, Jesus gives us the model of all the virtues.

Let us study some of them in detail. Nothing is so beautiful as the Eucharist! But pious souls only, they who communicate, who reflect, can comprehend It. Others understand nothing. There are few who think of the virtues, the life, the state of Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament. They treat Him like a statue. They think He is there only to pardon us, to receive our petitions. That is false. Our Lord is living and acting. Let us look at Him. Let us study Him. Let us imitate Him. They who do not do so, are obliged to go back eighteen centuries, to read the Gospel, and to supplement it by so many familiar details. They are deprived of the sweetness of His actual and present word, "I am the way even now. Doubtless, truth never faileth, and the Gospel is an ever-living book. But what a labor always to look back! And after all our labor, to have only a representation. It is speculative and does not sustain virtue as does the reality. Virtues are easily acquired and practiced by means of the Eucharist. Let us remember that Our Lord is not in the Eucharist only as a dispenser of His graces; He is there also and above all, as our way and our model.

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