A Soul that loves in this way, has but one motive power, but one life, our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

He is there!... She lives under the influence of this thought. — He is there!... There is then correspondence, a community of life. Ah, why do we not reach this point? Instead of that, we go back over more than eighteen centuries seeking for examples of virtue in the mortal life of Our Lord! But Our Lord might say to us: "You have loved Me on Calvary, because there I washed away your sins; you have loved Me at the Crib, because there I was sweet and lovable, but why do you not love Me in the Blessed Sacrament where I am always with you? You have only to come to Me. I am there right at your side!" Ah! At the Judgment, it will not be so much our sins that will affright us, that will reproach us, for they are pardoned forever. It will be Our Lord who will reproach us with His love! "Thou hast loved Me less than creatures," will He say. "Thou hast not made Me the joy of thy life! Thou didst love Me enough not to offend Me grievously, but not enough to live for Me!" We ask: "Are we obliged to love in that way?" I know very well that the precept to love thus is nowhere written down, for there is no need for it! Nothing says it, but everything proclaims it. Its law is in our heart. Yes, what appalls me is, that Christians think freely and seriously on all mysteries, and zealously devote themselves to the honor of some saint — but Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament? — No! Why, why is this? Ah! it is because they cannot attentively regard the Most Blessed Sacrament without saying: "I must love Him. I must visit Him. I cannot leave Him alone. He loves me too much!" As for other mysteries, they are far-off history. They do not touch the heart as this does. We admire them greatly, but here, before the Blessed Sacrament, we are forced to devote ourselves. We must remain with Our Lord, we must live in Him! The Eucharist is the noblest aspiration of our heart. Let us, then, love It with passion! Some may say: "O that is all exaggeration!" I reply Love is exaggeration! To exaggerate is to go beyond bounds. Ah well, love must exaggerate! The love that Our Lord testifies for us by abiding with us destitute of honors and attendants, — is that not, also, exaggerated? He who desires to restrict himself to what he is absolutely bound does not love. We love only when we feel the passion of love. You will love the Eucharist with passion when Our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament will be your habitual thought when your happiness will be to come to His feet, your constant desire to give Him pleasure. Come, let us enter into Our Lord! Let us love Him a little for Himself. Let us try to forget self, and give ourselves to this good Saviour! Let us sacrifice self a little. Look at these candles, that lamp, consuming themselves without sparing anything, reserving anything. Why shall we not be for Our Lord a holocaust of which nothing remains? No, we live no longer, but Jesus Eucharistic alone lives in us! He loves us so much!

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