Now behold the institution of the august Sacrament. What a moment! Love’s hour has struck. The Mosaic Pasch is about to terminate. The true Lamb is going to succeed the figure. The Bread of Life, the Living Bread, the Bread of Heaven, will take the place of the manna of the desert... All is ready.

The Apostles are clean, for Jesus has just finished washing their feet. Jesus seats Himself quietly at the table. The new Pasch must be eaten seated, in the repose of God. Profound silence reigns. The Apostles are all attention, their eyes fixed on their Master. Jesus recollects Himself. Then He takes the Bread in His holy and venerable hands, raises His eyes to heaven, gives thanks to His Father for this hour so longed for, extends His hand, and blesses the bread... The Apostles look on, full of respect, not daring to ask the meaning of these mysterious actions, while Jesus pronounces those ravishing words, as powerful as the word creative: Take ye and eat, this is My Body. Take ye and drink, this is My Blood!

The mystery of love is accomplished. Jesus has fulfilled His promise. He now has nothing more to give but His mortal life upon the Cross. That, too. He will give, and then He will rise again to become our perpetual Host of Propitiation, our Host of Communion, our Host of Adoration. Heaven is ravished at sight of this mystery. The Most Holy Trinity contemplates it with love. The angels adore lost in admiration. The demons in hell tremble with rage... Yes, Lord Jesus, all is accomplished! Thou hast nothing more to give to man by which to prove to him Thy love. Thou canst now die, but Thou will not leave us even in dying. Thy love has become eternal upon earth.

Return into the heaven of Thy glory, for the Eucharist will be the Heaven of Thy love. O Cenacle! where art thou? O Holy Table, which bears the Consecrated Body of Jesus! O Divine Fire, which Jesus enkindled upon Mount Sion, burn, shoot forth thy flames, embrace the whole world. O holy Father, Thou wilt always love men, for they forever possess Jesus Christ ! Thou wilt have no more thunderbolts, no more floods to destroy the earth, for the Eucharist is our "bow in the heavens." Thou wilt love men since Jesus Christ, Thy Son, loves them so much! O how that good Saviour has loved us ! Is it enough to claim our gratitude? Ah, still morel We should consecrate to Him in return our affection and our life. Have we still a desire? Do we ask another proof of Jesus’ love? Alas! if the love of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament does not win our love, Jesus is vanquished! Our ingratitude is greater than His goodness; our malice transcends His charity! O no, my good Saviour, Thy charity urges me, presses me, binds me! I wish to devote myself to the service and glory of Thy Sacrament. I wish, by the strength of my love, to make Thee forget that up to the present I have been so ungrateful; by the fervor of my devotedness, to win from Thee pardon for having loved Thee so late!

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