Your commitment to a daily Rosary is now easier to keep than ever, what with the modern benefits of Smartphones, YouTube, Podcasts, and Mp3’s. You may be constantly on-the-go, but you have so many options at your fingertips to help you keep your Rosary commitment.


I have my personal favorites, of course. But I also checked in with some friends and family members to find out what Rosary Apps, CD’s, Mp3’s, and YouTube channels they prefer while praying the Rosary on-the-go.


These suggestions are in no particular order. There are so many options out there that the list could go on for pages. I’ve tried to include a variety of samples for different devices and in different styles. Within these “categories” you can find dozens of options from which to choose based on your own preferences.


After you glance through this list, please leave a comment on our Facebook page and let us know your personal favorites for praying the Rosary on-the-go.


Pray the Rosary with the Daughters of St. Paul

I know it seems strange for me to begin with a CD; however, for those of us whose car models are not yet caught up with Smartphone or Mp3 compatibility, a Rosary on CD is perfect for your work commute and family car trips. I have been using this particular Rosary-on-CD for at least 10 years, and I find it to be very soothing. If you have little ones who need to nap in the car, a Rosary-on-CD makes for this perfect background rhythm.


The Catholic Faith (The Holy Rosary) 

The Catholic Faith YouTube channel was recommended to me by a dear friend. It serves as an example for how easy it is to find an on-the-go version of the Catholic Rosary on YouTube that works for you and your family. This particular channel posts a daily reading of the Rosary, cycling through the appropriate Mysteries each day of the week. On this channel, the Rosary is read in a gentle, clear, masculine voice at what I would call a “normal” speed. But the best part about YouTube is that you can search for Rosary readings that go more slowly, more quickly, include pictures on the screen, incorporate music, include group responses within the prayers… the possibilities are endless. When you Subscribe to The Catholic Faith channel, they’ll send you daily notifications to remind you the day’s video has been posted.


Rosary is a Place with Fr. Benedict J. Groeschel

If you subscribe to Amazon Music, you can play this particular Rosary through the App for free! It’s also available in Mp3 or CD format, or through Audible. This is a beautiful version of the Rosary as prayed by the late Fr. Benedict Groeschel - a former EWTN personality and founder of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. He is joined by a woman named Simonetta giving the responses. The pace is prayerful and reverent. It has good flow, and listeners seem to find it very relaxing and soothing, slow and contemplative.


Praying the Rosary with Pope St. John Paul II

This version can be obtained through Apple Music or iTunes. With light music under the prayers and meditations between the Hail Marys, your focus will remain on the Mysteries as you go along. You can also find the CD for purchase at Summa Enterprises. The CD includes 200 quotes from Pope St. John Paul II, perfect for those who miss our Holy Father, or who wish to know him better as a Shepherd of our Church.



This Catholic prayer App includes so much more than the Rosary. So if you’re looking to explore other prayers of the Catholic Faith, journal to document your prayer life, or create your own customized prayer plan, this is the App for you! This App includes written guidelines for Catholic prayers such as the Rosary, Stations of the Cross, the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and even Novenas. Visit the website to learn more about how to use the App, including how to download prayers for listening on plane flights and in other cases where Wi-fi is unavailable.



I’ve been using this free App for years, but ironically, I’ve only ever used it for the Interactive Rosary (basically, you touch on each bead and say the affiliated prayers, and the App highlights the beads as you go along for ease of tracking). Within the App, if you click on “Rosary and Chaplet,” and then go down to “Mysteries Only and Podcasts,” you can find all sorts of different styles and readings for the daily Rosary. There are options with or without music, male and female voices, different speeds… you name it. As you explore the App, you’ll find additional links to live Rosary readings online. This App includes many other Catholic prayers as well.


The Holy Rosary Free for Android

This App is available on Google Play. It has beads that light up as you pray through the Rosary, and includes audio versions in different languages. It features audio passages from the Bible, Papal documents, and the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, as well as many other prayers. One perk of this App is that the audio recitation will pause if you receive a phone call.


What experiences have you had with praying a guided Rosary using one of these, or any other, Apps or audio recitations?


I have found that, although scheduled sit-down prayer time is ideal, once in a while we simply don’t have time for an organized, planned Rosary session. With these alternative options, the kids and I can pray a Rosary together in the car, at practice, or while waiting for another family member to finish an appointment.


We have found that, in the rush of a busy day, hearing audio versions of these beautiful prayers can help us to take a breath and re-focus on what is truly important.


If you’re committing to praying the Rosary on a daily basis, please let us know


Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and join the growing community of others who are committing to continue to pray the Rosary during the Easter season. Share what you’re doing on our Facebook page, and let us know if we’ve missed anything. It is our sincere hope that our community will inspire you to continue this extremely fruitful practice.

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